Two NEW SKI APPS FOR THE iPHONE! Just downloaded 3D Skier ($9.99) and Snow Reports ($1.99) 3D Skier is an amazing application and I CAN NOT WAIT to use it this winter. The premise of the application is to show a 3D map of the mountain you're skiing (surprising LARGE list of mountains including West Mountain, my very small home hill). For those of you with the iPhone 3G, the GPS unit in your phone will track exactly where you are on the mountain and also keep a log of the trails you've traveled down and how many times. Perfect for those looking to lap the Area 51 park at Keystone!I've yet to test this part of the application but I have checked out numerous maps of mountains I've skied in the past including Jay Peak (VT), Keystone (CO), and Lost Trail (Montana-Idaho border). I was more than stoked on the crisp quality of the 3D mapping. For those of you familiar with the Google Maps application on the iPhone/iPod Touch, this application is similar only completely mountain based. Also really stoked that once you download the resort map, you no longer need an internet connection. It runs as is! Really nice for those of you that ski resorts that lack a cell phone connection.For those willing to shell out $9.99, I recommend this app but again I can't attest for how it works on the mountain. Can't wait to really test it this winter!Here's the specs taken from their website:3D Skier Features:- Pan, zoom, and rotate 3D models of your favorite ski resorts.- See your location on the slopes using the iPhone 3G's GPS receiver.- Record your tracks, vertical feet skiied, and total distance skiied.- Once resort map is downloaded, no internet connection needed for operation.- Over 300 resorts currently available.Here's a screen shot:

The other application I downloaded this morning and tested out was Snow Reports, an application made by This application works EXACTLY like the Weather app that comes standard on every iPhone or iPod. At $1.99, it's a deal considering you have the snow reports of virtually any mountain still operating. Here's a video walk through of how the application works: Snow Reports iPhone App Walkthrough from Eddie Wilson on Vimeo.After downloading these two apps, I now feel my iPhone is finally worth the cost. If you were thinking about purchasing the phone before, I imagine these could be deal maker apps for many. These apps will greatly improve both my mountain choice and on hill navigation. Cheers,Rogge