This is the first installment of a four part series highlighting the best of skiing during the 2012/13 ski season. The series will overview all aspects of freesking, from movies to various events and competitions throughout the year. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy!

The 2012 movie season was a great one, featuring numerous films showcasing nothing but the best skiing. One noticeable improvement came in urban skiing, which was pictured quite amazingly in Stept Production's The Eighty-Six. This film included gnarly urban features that utilized many variations of wall-rides and trannies. Clayton Vila's tailpress back 2 on a truly massive elevated urban rainbow rail shocked many viewers, including myself. This trick also took home the Best Jib award at the 2013 Powder Awards. The movie is also highlighted by a big disaster 4 on by no other than Sean Jordan himself, and Shea Flynn's disaster 1 to switch on a big dfd ledge. The movie can be purchased on Stept's website ( and on iTunes.

The trailer for Stept's 2012 release, The Eighty-Six.

Another banger for the 2012 film season was Level 1 Production's release, Sunny. The movie is a diverse platter of park, urban, and powder skiing, and is shot worldwide, with segments in Japan, Alaska, Turkey, Norway, Idaho, and many other places. The movie opens with Mike Hornbeck getting super-creative on urban features, and is set to Apollo Brown's Megaphone. The Japan segment has fantastic blower pow shots mixed with an unforgettable urban segment featuring the talents of Tom Wallisch, Mike Hornbeck, and Alex Bellemare. The film closes with a mind-blowing segment with the one and only Parker White, who slays everything from giant pillow lines to gnarly urban rails. Sunny is not to be missed, boasting a highly talented, diverse group of skiers. It can be purchased on Level 1's website ( and on

iTunes. trailer for Sunny by Level 1.

Tim McChesney with a switch cork 9 at the Sun Valley shoot for Sunny (Photo: Eric Seo).

Another great movie this year was 4bi9's late release, Keep Looking. It contains the same urban trend as the Stept movie-wallrides and trannies, but also includes some very technical rail tricks from the likes of Dale Talkington and John Ware. The movie is far from just urban, though. If you enjoy watching smooth tricks off of fat BC booters into pow, then you will love Keep Looking and its pow segment, featuring Witt Foster, Collin Collins, and many more. 4bi9's Keep Looking can be purchased here: trailer for Keep Looking.

Other honorable mentions for the 2012 film season are:

Superheroes of Stoke (Matchstick Productions)

WE: A Collection Of Individuals (Poor Boyz Productions)

Act Natural (Toy Soldier Productions)

No Matter What (Meathead Films)

The Dream Factory (Teton Gravity Research)

Superheroes of Stoke: Matchstick Productions

WE: A Collection Of Individuals: Poor Boyz Productions

Act Natural: Toy Soldier Productions

No Matter What: Meathead Films (Winner of Best Powder at the 2013 Powder Awards) Dream Factory: Teton Gravity Research