In the corner of a South Boston lot lies hundreds of cubic metres of snow.

Following one of the snowiest winters on record where 65 inches of snow fell in February alone, the city drafted in paid volunteers to clear the streets, but all that snow had to be dumped somewhere.

The white tusk of frozen water stood in solitary defiance of the varying hues of greying concrete in Boston's docklands. However this once so alien feature of the post-industrial decaying urban landscape has now been defiled and lies hidden under piles of trash, shards of glass and shredded plastic, a chilling visual representation of the devastation we wreak on the natural environment.

The lone skier in the video Vlad Tarasov had hoped to get one last trip up to New Hampshire before the season was out. However since time got the better of him he had to make do with the Boston snow farm, an unlikely ski hill he described as a "post-apocalyptic, sludge-coated amalgamation of snow".

Whilst the video at first may appear to be just a 'stunt', when one considers the dismal winter the northern hemisphere had on the most part, the video becomes more poignant than Tarasov ever intended it to be. If winter conditions the length and breadth of the North American West are anything to go off, Tarasov's video could soon become many skier's reality.

words - J. van Dyke