Skiing, TWSSF and Breakfast Pizza. (Not in that order)

Why don’t more places sell breakfast pizza?  Don’t get me wrong, left-over pizza is a great breakfast. But  it just makes sense to make a pizza with scrambled eggs, bacon, salsa and cheese if regular pizza is already a popular breakfast choice. That popped into my head after I slayed a good size piece of breakfast pizza and


Spring is here. However the snow is still falling at a mid-winter pace and the sun has been making some quality cameos between dumps.  There is no denying getting snow in spring is awesome but to most, spring time is park time! Sunshine…soft snow…longer days…80 acres of park and a superpipe (which was just rebuilt so it’s money). These things are key to spring skiing in Whistler. 

Another, rather obvious key item for a stellar Whistler spring is the TELUS World Ski and Snowboard Festival, including the Orage Masters taking place April 17-26.  Nine days of parties, contests, live music, demos and of course sunshine.  Basically wicked good times! 

Long and short of it- get here, hit the park, slay the pipe, insert <“slay some pow”> when we get some, slap on the sunscreen, and get out the one-piece and head bands!

Cheers to the best time of the year!