Sander Hadley, an individual to say the least. He's part of the Sweetgrass crew and their infamous 2013 release of "Valhalla", the pro team of Panda Poles and recently new joinee of ON3P. His outlook and image seem to be intertwined in the world of skiing, everything he rides for and rocks is skier owned or forged by shredding in the past. We see edits every day of park skiers putting down their best, yet Sander flows like water all over the mountain, put him on top of a cliff and he'll treat it like you would a bump by the side of a groomer, as though it were nothing. Put him in front of a kicker and watch madness ensue with his Screamin Seamen 3's held right till the landing zone. Put him in front of a Dub kink and he'll get that done too, and everything he does is just relaxed and easy for him, and his style just makes you want to watch more. To him "Video killed the radio star" but his videos put him where he is today, a respected skier in the community. What makes this guy the one we see on our multiple screens we own?

Sander on pow patrol

Moment you got hooked on skiing?

After watching Seth Morrison in my very first ski movie, MSP's Ski Movie 2, "High Society"

What's in your pocket on a normal day in the mountains?

Fruit, sunscreen cell phone, keys and hopefully my pass.

What's it like being in Sweetgrass, arguably the trippiest movie crew in skiing and snowboarding?

Often times unfathomable, I can remember Sam Caylor, ON3P TM, and Max Santeusanio, Sweetgrass Cinematographer/Photographer, trying to describe to me over Skype what exactly they were doing in the forest...

The jungle shred scene, give us an insight into how long that took and what the experience was like...

Pretty wild. With Zack Giffin's carpentry skills, we were able to build just about anything we wanted. We spent lots of time walking around the forest picturing features. I've never felt that much freedom, it was rad to completely shift the seasonal paradigm by skiing that stuff in July, not just some high elevation glacier that holds snow year round. In the two weeks I was there, we hit a total of five features. Each feature took around two days to build, one day to hit and and hour to tear down.

Your company outlook is very similar: rider owned, skier designed, such as Panda Poles and Smith Optics, what made this happen? Was it a choice or did it happen?

I've always thought that the people who actually participate in their craft, produce a more applicable product. Intentions are held high in my book too, I'd much rather fuel someone else's passion than greed.

Sander at Timberline, upside down in the clouds

Favourite video part song of all time?

Intro scene in "Idea"

Favourite Video Part and why?

I have two big ones that I choose not to put in order of importance due to their equal impact on me.

Grace and versatility has always attracted my eye.

CR Johnson in MSP's "Focused" and Eric Pollard in Iberg/THalls "Wski106"

Your ultimate skiing playlist?

"Funkytown" from Lipps Inc

"I'm Hurting Inside" by Bob Marley

"My Maria" Brooks and Dunn (Yes, you read that right)

"Get Free" by Major Lazer

The whole "Idea" Soundtrack

Worst song you like?

Bound 2- Kanye West

The song that defines your skiing?

"Spill the Wine" from Eric Burdon and War. Skiing is fun and spontaneous for me.

The movie you could watch on your travels whenever?

"Billy Madison"

The ultimate line or park you have skied?

Beartooth Pass, Montana. A huge headwall with 2 pomas servicing it in the month of June. Check it out, the place has everything. Beartooth Basin!

Switch Rodeo 5, Pandas flying over Beartooth

Your dream trip?

Christmas break with the homies on the beginner lift back home.

The line you want to get down?

I don't want to come down anytime soon.

Word of Wisdom: Listen more, talk less.

Check out Part 1 of Sander's lively 2013 is supported by ON3P Skis, Panda Poles, Smith Optics, Barrie's Ski and Sports, Full Tilt, Arcade Belts and Sweetgrass Productions