The name Niklas Eriksson in Sweden, the home country of the one we know as well, is one that conjures up "Niklas Eriksson", a former professional ice hockey player, who was on the Swedish national team. He won a gold medal at the 1994 Winter Olympics, and now coaches at Lillehammer. In our world, the image from the name Niklas Eriksson is of a yellow tall tee wearing teenager, throwing himself off a huge cheese wedge in Sun Valley, sending a huge Dub Cork 1260 Blunt grabbed right till the ground catches up with him and his skis . In an industry full of Scandinavians upping the ante on progression every single day, Niklas has come out on top and already filmed with Level 1 multiple times(Plus winning the 2009 SuperUnknown VI), picked up Nike as a sponsor and joined the international team of Line skis. He is embedded in the freeski world. There is an intangible sense of freedom when he's in his "game" mode, as though he is relaxed constantly but still ready for everything. Guys like this don't come up without the help of this sense of freedom, and when expansion of freedom comes, so does the style we see in our DVD boxes and our computer libraries. Niklas Eriksson is an expression of freedom, the essence of shredding, so what is behind the vision he captures and expresses?

Niklas, "off" camera

Moment you got hooked on skiing?

Watching Red Bull big Air in Åre in 2003

What's in your pocket on a normal day in the mountains?

Cash, IPhone and headphones

What made you go for the Nosebutter dub 12?

I don't know, I had been wanted to do it for a while. First one I did was in a slopestyle run I had been doing Nosebutter 9s in my run, so I just said F*** it and hucked one!

You recently joined Nike. How do you feel about large corporations getting more control in the ski industry, such as Adidas and Nike, when being involved in traditionally more "core" brands like Jiberish?

I'm not on a super high rank with Nike but its pretty damn sweet to get a ton of skate shoes!!

Niklas roostering in Val d'Isère

What is it like being one of countless Scandinavians with great skills on a pair of sticks, yet handfuls of kids' hucking much more than the rest of the world will never get big? Do you think this is because of complex names which are hard to remember or do you think it is something else?

I think it's because we not used to ski in super good parks so when we have a good day we know that we have to throw something new. Haha at least growing up...

Favourite video part song of all time?

Green day - Basket Case, Jon Olsson "happy dayz"

Favourite Video Part and why?

Every part that Adam Delorme has done, one of the best skiers in my eyes. Always get you stoked after watching bad mind ski!

Your ultimate skiing playlist?




Worst song you like?

Pretty much everyone of them.. If you ask my girlfriend.

The song that defines your skiing?

"Run to the hills", haha!

Your ultimate segment you want to film, and what song would you use?

I want to get all the different aspect of skiing in a seggy, song is a secret tho!

Niklas at SFR, tweaking hard (Nicolas Schlosser Photography)

The movie you could watch on your travels whenever?

"The Motivation", a skateboard movie.

The ultimate line or park you have skied?

Probably "Refresh" year, Mammoth super park.

Wrecking ball

Your dream trip?

I always wanted to go to Iceland!

Word of Wisdom:

Treat everyone the way that you want to be treated!

Niklas between two points in time in the potato state, Cork 7 Tail, Sun Valley (Erik Seo Photography)

Niklas is supported by Level 1, Jiberish, Electric Visual, Line Skis and Nike

Check his 2012 season edit here:

and one of his from Saas Fee earlier this season:


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