Frej Jönsson blew up in 2012 as a guy who did the seemingly impossible. He Cork 3ed twice on the same rotation on the same jump. It had been thought about for years, and then he came out of nowhere at the JOSS Big Air Invitational in 2012 and blew people's minds. It was the first in competition. He was on the first Infamous team and had the opportunity to film with Jossi Wells, Lucas Stal-Madison and Nicky Keefer, travelling across the globe to places like Keystone from his home country of Sweden while his trick followed him to the likes of Zak Mousseau and ABM. However Frej decided to slow it down a little this year just like his rotations and moved from Atomic to Moment Skis alongside Josh Bibby. Frej is creativity and the show of human will and imagination, so what goes on in his?

Frej out up north

You landed the "first" double cork 7. How do you feel about basically inventing a trick and seeing it spread around the globe?

I think Henrik did the first one in the backcountry but they didn't release any footage of it until the release of their full movie. I was however the first one to do it in competition and since I hadn't seen it been done before it basically felt/was like inventing a trick. I had thought about it for a long time and I tried to figure out a way to make it work in my head. To actually land it was nuts… A lot of people didn't think it was possible, so making up a new thought, putting it into action and then making it work was a indescribable feeling. It was also very cool seeing it spread around the globe, just the fact that people thought it was impossible and now you see a lot of guys doing it. It's interesting to see how far humans actually can progress, not just in skiing. Common things we do in everyday life were ones seemed impossible as well. It just shows what we are capable of doing with the power of our minds and bodies.

Videos Below:

What's it like filming with Jossi Wells?

Since I first saw Jossi in Åre for the JOI 2007, I've been a big fan of his skiing. He looks natural and effortless and has a very good style. He's a been one of my big inspirations, so to actually get to ski and film with him was a really insane experience for me. He is a good person and I feel like he really knows what he wants and likes, both on and off the hill. I think we have a pretty similar view on skiing and I felt honored and thankful to ski with him.

What inspired your move from Atomic to Moment?

Jossi, Keefer and LSM are all really great guys and I was fortunate enough to get to hang out and ski with them for Atomic Infamous. After a year with a lot of traveling to ski competitions and film with Infamous, Legs of Steel and TFJ prod, I put myself under a lot of stress and pressure. This summer I spend a lot of time "soul-searching", trying to get in touch with myself more and what I really want to do. I felt that I did a lot of what other people wanted me to do, instead of what I wanted to. I felt that, with Moment, I could express myself, and my vision of skiing in a perfect way. So it seemed like a natural step for my personal growth and progress.

Hands down in the high tide

3 things in your pocket when you ski:

IPhone (for music and taking pictures), iPod (Incase my phone dies, which it usually does), and a bunch of snow I guess haha.

Favourite video part:

It's too hard to pick just one...

Ray Barbee - Ban This

Wes Kremer - Sk8mafia AM Video

Brandon Westgate - Emerica MADE Chapter One

For skiing I would have to say anything with Tanner Rainville, Candide Thovex, Parker White or Adam Delorme. I mostly just watch skateboarding though.

The JOSS where you started the Dub Sev was arguably one of the craziest comps ever, with Gus Kenworthy landing his Sw Trip 14 and multiple others spinning up to even 1800. What was the atmosphere like there?

It was crazy indeed, people were going hard after just a few jumps. The jump was perfect and for me it didn't even feel like a competition really. It felt like everyone was having fun and pretty much learning new tricks. It was pretty cool just being there and skiing with all the top skiers. I never focused on watching the other guys and see if I could do something better, I just had my vision of what I wanted to do for myself and had some fun with it.

5 songs you ski to:

John Legend, The Roots - Compared to What

Daniel Norgren - Whatever Turns You On

Sly & The Family Stone - If You Want Me To Stay

The Who - Eminence Front

Curtis Mayfield - Move On Up

If you have Spotify you can listen to these songs, and a bunch of other songs I ski to in this playlist I made:

Favourite Swedish food:

"Kolbullar". It's basically just water, flour, salt and pork that you cook over an open fire, but it's way better than it sounds haha.

Gotta' keep warm up in Scandinavia

The Swedes are usually on top in skiing. Why do you think this happens?

Good question. It's actually kind of funny how Swedes are commonly known as quiet people who are pretty scared or shy to express their feelings or thoughts. But it seems to be the opposite in skiing where you have skiers like Henrik Harlaut and crews like The Bunch who just does what they love and express themselves fully. I guess we just found something in skiing and ourselves that we really want to express and have fun with. It always works best if you are doing something you want to and not what you've been told to do. I guess it's the same for a lot of skiers from different countries though, so I’m not sure why the Swedes are on top. It could be that we grow up skiing icy hills with sketchy jumps and rails, or maybe it's the water!

Going upside down at Sunset time, Cork 9 Blunt []

Luca Schuler landed the Triple Cork 1080 at Sochi practice [Also at FrostGun]. Did you ever feel you could have had this down first?

He did? Crazy! It was only a matter of time though. I didn't really think about it that much. I mean, you see different kinds of double cork 7's and some will work for triple as well. I had to force myself a bit to keep it a 7 and I haven't tried a triple so I can't really say but I don't think it would've felt good at all for me. Personally I like to do tricks that feel good. I try to put as little effort as possible on the kicker to make it feel smooth and natural.

Cranking out corks in 2012 at the JOI [ESPN]

Word of Wisdom:

Put the effort in doing exactly what you want instead of doing what others wants you to do. Don't focus your energy and be negative about things you cannot change, and don't take everything so serious. Be kind to other people.

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