Daniel Hanka is part of the movement in the parts of Europe which don't have many hills to ski on, that have a natural ability and love for sliding down snow on some wood and possibly some rails. Daniel Hanka is quite rare being so good from the Czech Republic, a far drive from the bigger mountains of Austria and Switzerland for regular day trips. His music is just as fast as his skiing, his outerwear as tight as the landing zones of his home mountains park. For the past few years, Daniel has been on the Faction Europe team with the likes of PC Fosse. Daniel might just be the spark to ignite the Eastern European ski scene to its full potential and this episode checks in with him and what let’s this boy "rock n roll".


What's it like skiing in the Czech Republic on such small hills?

It´s pretty good unless you wanna hit some bigger kickers. As the hills are small, you almost can´t find any. But if you compare Czech resorts to all the bigger ones abroad, and you compare the quality, size of our parks, they are more than sufficient.

Relaxing off the skis

Do you want to ski bigger and better mountains or do you still want to shred at home?

Yes, of course I want to! I´m enjoying skiing a fucking lot, and I also wanna get better and better! So I definitely wanna ski bigger mountains. That also means new people, new places, and new experiences. Lately, I´m spending lot of time at Austria. Actually, I just arrived from the Penken Park, where I've been shooting my new edit called Chargin´ - definitely keep an eye on that one, should be online in one week.

The Faction SO1 EO1 is one of the most watched edits of 2014 so far. Do you think that later episodes will keep up the quality shown in the first episode?

The first episode is really sick, so it would be difficult to keep up with the quality. But Etienne [Merel] is really good at filming and editing. And don´t forget, you haven´t seen Candide and Delorme ski powder yet, or McChesney hitting urban. So we got so much to show you in the next webisodes, and there´s no need to be scared about the quality. The next one should be urban from Poland and freeriding from Switzerland - stay tuned!

Mid flight emergency landing commenced, the new Faction Candide 1.0s (2015) ejected for a smooth impact

3 things in your pocket when you ski:

Ski pass, Cell phone, Coins

5 songs you ski to:

Black Sabbath - Under The Sun/Every Day Comes and Goes

Motorhead - Be My Baby

Bauhaus - Dark Entries

The Dutchess and the Duke - Reservoir park

Hanoi Rocks - I Want You

Daniel searching for Tail in France

What's going through your head on you Sw 10 shifty off such a small jump?

It´s actually Sw mute to shifty, and it´s my favourite trick....Basically, I just think of to spin as fast as I can, so I can stop the rotation with a shifty - the faster I spin, the better the shifty is..


Do you feel your sponsor Coal is hypocritical, only allowing skiers on its team with decreased sales of headwear?

I don't really know, I'm skiing for the Czech distribution... So I don´t have to deal with it. I don't know the people from the brand and all the stuff what´s inside the company, but yeah... My personal opinion is that, I think it´s hypocritical. I think you should take care more about your skiing and representing the brand, instead of trying to convince people to buy the stuff.

You've been filming with Tim McChesney in Poland. Are there any skiers out there you really want to film with and why?

Yes, that was a really awesome trip, we had so much fun! You´re gonna see in next Faction webisode. I like lot of skiers. But if I could choose one to film with, it would be probably Khai Krepela. He´s style is really unique but similar to my visions of skiing. So I think, we could probably film some good stuff together...Hah

Grabbing Stale, just like the snow underneath him in the Czech Republic

Do you think Eastern Europe been overlooked by ski and snowboard crews in the past?

I think so, we got pretty good urban spots here. And for the foreigners Eastern Europe is really cheap! The only problem of last years is, that there is not much snow. This year, we got the worst winter I can remember. But who knows how it´s gonna look like next year. So it´s definitely worth a try!!

Favourite Video Part:

That's a tricky one... I think it´s Partly Cloudy - RealSkifi part


Word of Wisdom:

Better style than tricks, better a line than a single hit.

Watch out for Daniels new edit "Chargin" this week and his appearances in the Faction webisode series

Daniel is supported by The Faction Collective, Oakley and Coal Headwear