Brady Perron is an underlying force in the styles we see on skis today. Possibly the guy that rhymes with Mmkay took on board the ideas that Brady has spread through his skiing. An underlying sense of being free. Brady puts his skis on, unrestricted, and does what he wants to do, whether that's his Sw 3 over a stairset in "All Damn Day" with no poles or him laying back and corking out a BC booter. Brady's style is loose and smooth and will still hit features more creatively than it seems can be done. He joined Phil Casabon, Henrik Harlaut, Paul Bergeron and his own brother last season on the Inspired Demo tour, hitting over 60 ski resorts on the East Coast, Quebec and the Midwest, all out inspiring kids who grow up without world class parks or vertical skiing. When a pro can still make the most of ice, rain and more ice and be out inspiring those who grow there, it shows how much love Brady has for being out and getting every kid to enjoy their hill a little more. Travelling is in his blood and so is sliding down snow.

Brady Chilean it up back in 09'

When did you make your decision to get rid of your poles?

I haven't gotten rid of the poles fully. I just don't use them in the park all too often partly because of my ski style... I am too low and too loose. Poles can be in the way and even mash me up. I love poles when skiing in a resort full of chopped snow. They help you stay forward among other reasons.

3 things in your pocket when you ski:

Snacks, keys, twist

Do you feel there are guys who have come onto the ski industry later who have copied your style?

I am a hybrid of my favorite skiers' style, and other influences as well. So I hope I am copied, making me one of someone's favorite skiers. In some edits, I have noticed a few subtleties that I may have contributed to... it feels good, either way though. Cheers!

You're surrounded by pros who are ingrained in skiing. What's it like, knowing these idols as friends?

It's a treat to be in such a tight knit community. I have become friends with some of the best to have ever put skis on. People like Parker White, Will Wesson and plenty more. I am also surrounded by non-pros who are ingrained in skiing too. It's exciting to know your friends are happy skiing and possibly made an impact on a growing culture and activity. It has been a lot of fun.

Brady chasing tail at Windells

Favourite place to shred and why:

I really enjoy skiing at my home mountain, Mt. Sunapee, in NH. I got to do that the other day with filmer extraordinaire Duncan Lake- Junction 133! Hyped! Look him up. I also was fortunate enough to share a get-a-way cabin in Utah's backcountry with ten friends... that has been ideal. Thanks, Grando! Those two spots are close to perfect. Park City is way fun, too... same with Timberline in OR.

5 songs you ski to:

I don't ski with music very much... I'd probably be on some Fugees, Gregory Isaacs, Will Sessions or The Doors

Fave film :

Children of Men is a good flick.

Favourite video part:

Recently, maybe "Footage Party- Pat Burke" or "Old whoops, New grooves- Magenta" or LSM in Far Out. Liam Downey's segment from Wicked or Shanghai Six is up there. I certainly was and am still all about Liam and Rainville's skiing. Their videos made a big impact on me growing up, and I would have to say Crichton influenced all three of us. Also, Phil and Henrik's segments from Education of Style- those are unreal segments with untouchable style. Pep and Tanner have had a few segments like that as well.

Between a Pipe and a long drop... Brady boostin' at the T-Hall Invitational

You were on the Inspired Demo Tour. What's it like showing up to a hill and kids looking forward to seeing you?

It was awesome, man- We got to share our skills and love for skiing all while paying homage to small mountains who tend to their community. It was Paul, Phil, Henrik, Emil, my brother and I traveling in the van sometimes- we all really get along, making it easy to spend time together while promoting Inspired, each other and the EDUofStyle. Like a recording artist "tour the album, only for more sales"- Prodigy

Missionaries for the Church of Shred

Do you think/has the Olympics has cut budgets for video filming skiers?

The olympics ended today. Not sure yet.

Favourite ski films:

Royalty, Blunt, Slamina, Mutiny, Far Out, Look It Up, Exact Science

Word of Wisdom: word?

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