Athlete Jake Doan recently teamed up with Matt Mileski to create a ski edit at Brighton Resort. Unlike your typical park edit, Matt's edit is to original music created by Jake. We caught up with Jake recently and talked about his ski season this year and the creative parallels existing between music and skiing.

Interview by Jim Borchardt

Whats up Jake, could you tell us a little about what you've been focusing on this ski season?

Yoo Jim, I have pretty much just been focusing on gettin as many shots as I can for the new 4bi9 film, as well as just taking park laps and skiin pow when its around!

Whats your segment looking like? Urban? Backcountry?

Mostly urban I would say. I went on a pretty sweet 2 week long trip from Vermont through Canada and the back to Utah where I got some shots I'm stoked on, as well as some more in the general SLC area. As of late been building some stuff up across from Alta to try and get some BC shots in there as well!

What is it like working with the 4bi9 guys?

Its sick man, skiing with a group of guys who all kill it the hardest and all work hard is awesome. Plus your always gonna see someone do something nuts. Not to mention AJ, napes, and big tuna all kill the filming.

Could you tell us a little about what went into creating your most recent edit at Brighton?

Well it started with an iphone recording of just me with looping some different parts to a song I came up with to use for an edit. I showed the song to Matt Milewski who was gonna be editing it and he gave it to another friend Seth Webb who makes some beats and mixes some tracks. Then from there we thought that maybe we should just get two other homies who I've played music with, Max Webb and Skylar Herbert who both kill it , and just make a more complete song to use.

Ah okay, so what exactly were you playing? Guitar?

We recorded all three of us playing the track with me playing the rhythm part, max playing the lead riffs, and Skylar on drums. Once we got it down how we wanted, I went back over that track and recorded the bassline on top. Its pretty sweet to see it all come together.

Do you seen any parallels between music and skiing?

Absolutely, both music and skiing styles are subjective to a persons creative thoughts and how they want to play or ski. There's so much freedom to do what you want in either discipline. Not to mention the way music flows to skiing in an edit, movie whatever. I feel like the track thats used in the edit is almost as important as the footage itself.

Well said. Nice talking to you Jake. Watch out for Jake in the West Coast Sessions this month and 4bi9's forthcoming movie this fall.