The last month has consisted of surfing, climbing, hiking, mountain biking, wakeboarding, whitewater rafting and waterskiing.  A few random snow days have been strewn in the mix, but for the most part I haven't skied much since May. Because of the massive quantities of snow that Snowbird Resort in Utah has received this year, it has decided to remain open through the 4th of July (and perhaps beyond).  While it is now difficult to ski to the base of the tram without taking your skis off to walk, the upper mountain still has exorbitant amounts of snow in all the right places, which is guaranteed to make your 4th of July weekend memorable. The skiing might not be as great as it was in March.  The snow might be a little bit slow and slushy, but all in all, whenever you can ski in July, its hard to complain!Yesterday Sean Smith and I met up with Brady Newton and Pieter Leeflang up at Snowbird, Utah. While most skiers spent the day lapping the 2 open lifts (Little Cloud and Mineral Basin Express), we decided to check out the snow a little higher on the mountain, on American Fork's East Twin. The following are a few pictures from our ascent, video of the descent to follow. 

steep part of the ascent
we found some fairly clean water dripping off a tasted better than the water in my camelback
this part wasn't nearly as bad as the rocky knife thin ridge we were hiking on before (see left)
finally at the top of east twin. you can see a pretty big cornice fell off of the ridge above mary ellen's gulch. the big mountain in the distance is timpanogas.
eating a clif mojo bar at the top to regain some energy
ready to ski down. that groomed run to the left far below me is the road to provo on little cloud.