Thursday I had my first day back on skis after my operation. Just started out with some turns and straight airs over the smallest jumps but I get to go out in the snow and breathe some fresh air. The knee isen't a 100 % but after all it's only two weeks since the operation.

This weekend I went to Kongsberg to judge a big air competition. This brought back some good memories cause I won this very comp 6-7 years ago where I won an invite to Red Bull big air in Åre.
Judging isen't easy. It's very hard to put score's on every trick and try to keep it consistent. We were three judges. After the competition I was looking over the scoreboard, and the judging was terrible. The guys said that my judging was pretty much on point so that's good. But a lot of guys got screwed pretty bad. One example is Alex Aurdal who did he's best dub 10 ever. Pretty much perfect. I gave him a 94, the headjudge gave him a 86 or something and the third judge gave him a 76.
At the end it was one guy on top, and his name is Thomas Dølplads. i think it's he's fifth time winning this comp in a row. He skied really well!PK