After waiting for C-DOT to open I-70 on Friday, I finally made it up to Summit County in time to crash at Steph and Carrie's house.  The next morning the weather started to clear out, so we jumped in the car and drove to Keystone as fast as we could.

A fireplace is awesome for keeping your boots warm.  Sticking your liners in the microwave, as we learned, is not.

When we got to Keystone we met up with Mike, Nevill, Jenn, Brett Weiss, and LJ Caulfield.  We started out by hitting some of the many rails and boxes Keystone has set up.

After we warmed up on rails, it was time to start jumping.

Mike started going upside down right away, while everyone else practiced their spins.

LJ Caulfield

Jenn Hirsch

Brett Weiss

Kevin aka Intergalactic throwing down on Surface Watch Lifes.

Nevill basically made my day with this jump.

Carrie Rossman

The lift started to get crowded, but Keystone does a great job of keeping people moving, so the wait is never too long.

Carrie came up short on a 540, putting her knees into her chin.  But she was all smiles, and wasn't going to let that stop her.

If you get a chance, head to Keystone for an awesome park.  And don't forget, big sale at Jibij this Friday!