Taking over on both sides of the Atlantic, PC Fosse has a 6 page interview in this month’s Skieur Magazine whilst Arnaud Rougier features and writes the Silvertown Mountain Article.  Once again pictures are taken with a phone, you’ll just have to go out and buy the magazine to appreciate it properly.

PC Fosse Interview:

PC Fosse. Photos: Daniel Tengs
PC Fosse. All photos: Daniel Tengs
PC Fosse Photos: Daniel Tengs.

Arnaud Rougier Article:

Laurent Thevenet, Antoine Diet, Amandine Bianchi, and Arnaud Rougier
Arnaud Rougier, Cork 3. Photo: Seb Viardot
Arnaud Rougier, Cork 7 Tail. Photo: Seb Viardot