Contrary to popular belief, skiers are not all idiots. Many are in fact a lot smarter than what their absurdity on snow might pen them up to be. Unfortunately, skiing might not sustain them forever, but their brain just might. Whether it's for school, a job, or simply taking up time in the offseason, most would be surprised by what skiers get up to off the sticks.

Let's start with LJ Strenio. A guy known for his questionable choices resulting in switch frontflips onto boxes, tossing himself down massive stair sets, and arguably some of both the best tricks and crashes. Bet you wouldn't expect to see him coding behind a computer, would ya? That's right, LJ has been taking computer science classes and picking up some real coding skills this past summer. Check out this skiing game he was able to whip up, not quite Shredsauce material, but pretty damn cool. Crazy what some of these guys come up with alongside their general savagery on skis.

Thought Katrina Nicole was only good for her Sexual Wednesdays, too bad she's also an engineering boss. With a BS in mechanical engineering and a MS in integrative physiology from CU Boulder, it's safe to say she got learnt. You mean the same Trina that was just in that new 'My Bitches' Virtika video? Yup, she's one bad bitch.

Next up, we got Nicky Keefer, the aspiring theoretical physicist. A long ways away from "you ever eat weed man?", Keefer studies physics at the University of Utah in the offseason. Maybe this is the reason he's able to figure out the mind-bending axis and tweak of his tricks that nobody else can seem to emulate. Peep this news segment done on the man himself, in which he expresses his insight on the line between physics and freeskiing.

Giray Dadali - the most famous brother in skiing. Giray's trajectory path has always been a fascinating one; from New York to Utah, to coming back from an injury that almost sidelined him for good, to bumming it in Europe, to running Daymaker Touring, all the while ripping his BroModels every chance he could get. Utilizing his engineering background and experience in marketing himself, Giray and cofounder Chris Trunek are currently taking names and filling orders.

John Ware. Believe it or not, the same John Ware that mobs into some of the steeziest cork 3's (and 180's for that matter), is also the same John Ware that knows a thing or two about engineering. He worked as a civil engineer for Intel this past summer. Can you really be smart and look gangsta while you're at it? If anyone can do it, it's this guy.

Not so enraptured by the lifestyle that is GoodEnoughBGK as he once was, Noah Curry has been putting in work lately in the classroom. Seemingly interested in outerspace, aerospace, and PVC rockets, I think it's time #XGamesRealScience happens.

Despite the picture these skiers' Instagrams may paint, when they're that good at skiing, they tend to be pretty damn good at a few other things as well. And quite possibly the best part is that the majority of them are still skiing. Picking up little skills from time to time or starting down the path of a whole new endeavor, skiers are some interesting humans.