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Tell Me a Little About Yourself

I am 15 years old and I was born in Fairbanks, Alaska in 1998. I moved to Zurich, Switzerland when I was 1 years old. I started skiing around the age of 3. I ride for Faction Skis, Panda Poles, Adidas Eyewear and The Mecca Movement. I usually ski at Laax or Mythen for park and some other places for pow.

My dad is from SLC so I get to go there 1-2 times a year and ski and visit family. I am planning to move to Park City in a year or so and I am going to join the USSA academy. I never had a coach before so I will see how that goes.

I have learned a couple doubles recently, sw dub 10 and double cork 12. I find spinning unnatural is really hard, I never have done more than a sw unnat 9, and that only like 1 time.

Do you find that skiing in Europe is any different than skiing in the US? Recently there has been a ton of exposure for US skiers, is it similar in Europe?

Yea, I would defiantly say there is way more exposure in the US right now than in Europe. I think a huge reason for this is because so many companies are based there and way more people actually freeski in the States. I would say it's maybe a little harder to get sponsors in Europe, because there is less focus on our sport and more focus on racing. In terms of the actual skiing the US has way better pow, like in Utah, but in Europe the few pow days we have never get cut up. I'd also definitely say the parks are sicker in America, more creative, nicer jumps and more jibs.

Photo by: Aldo Hall

Would you say that part of the reason you're moving to SLC is to gain more exposure as well?

Well mostly I'm moving the SLC for the USSA academy and because I have family there, but I think it will also help my exposure for sure too.

You said you've never had a coach before, do you think that has made it more difficult to learn new tricks?

I don't think it really made it harder for me to learn tricks. I just tried them and looked at videos of people doing them. The one thing which I did get a late start on was spinning both ways, because I only just realized that one had to spin both ways like a year ago.

When you first started freestyle skiing, was the intent to compete or just for the fun of it?

I started freestyle skiing for the fun of it and just messing around with my friends. Later, I started filming some small edits and stuff. And three years ago I did my first comp. This year I probably did about 15 comps, in the Swiss Freeski Tour. Even though I compete, I still film as much as I can, and probably put out about 5-10 edits out each year. I was just invited to go to a Faction shoot in La Clusaz in April, which I am looking forward to, because I have never ridden with any big pros before. I am currently ranked 2nd in the Swiss free ski tour. I have been competing in the men's category since the beginning of this season.

Has all the competing and filming has made you want to step up your skiing more?

For the competing aspect, I definitely try to learn more technical tricks, so that I can keep up with the rest of the men, since I just started competing in the men's category this year. When filming, I don't try to step up my technical ability, but try to get some style into my tricks, hit bigger rails and try to get creative.

Do you tend to ski with guys who are around the same skill level, better than you, or less aggressive?

I always ski with my friends who are at a lower park level, but skiing with them never gets boring just because they are stoked all the time. I only started skiing with people my equal ability this season, since I made a lot of new friends through competing, but we usually just ski together on training days and days after comps.

Is there anything about you that you feel sets you out from the rest of the skiers trying to make it big?

I would say that what sets me apart from other up and coming riders is that I spend a lot of time outside of the park. I love pow and urban. I find it dumb to shred park when there is pow. If its just snowed in a city I also find it sick to hit handrails. I find filming and getting out of the park to hit urban and pow is important. I find it a bummer when people only know how to hit park, there is so much more to skiing. I really look up to skiers like ABM and Sammy that kill it on video parts and in park/comps.

Photo by: Franz Lukas

When you aren't skiing in the winter, what do you like to do?

Usually when I'm not skiing in the wintertime, I am on Newschoolers watching edits or reading threads. I also hang out with all my homies, help my bro edit edits and do as much homework as I can so that I can go ski on the weekends.

What do you like to do during the summer when you can't ski?

In the summer time there is more stuff to do when not skiing. I go to the local swimming pool and jump of the diving board. After school I jump on the tramp with my brother and other friends. On weekends I go to the mountains with my family and friends and we jump of cliffs into lakes.

What are three things that most people wouldn't know about you?

1. I am not actually Swiss, I have a US passport that's one reason I am going to the USSA team academy.

2. Built my own rope tow with an old washing machine engine, bike wheels, poles and other junk. The whole thing only cost like 50$ to build.

3. I built my own backyard park on this field by my house (10+ jibs)

How would you describe yourself/ your personality?

Stoked on skiing. Don't care about weather or conditions, its always fun. I've even gone grass skiing and sand skiing. Anything to do with skiing is sick!

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