I went to Alta yesterday and picked up my pass. The colorful fall leaves have mostly all disappeared from the trees, the weather was brisk and they were still blowing snow. There were a couple jumps set up from eager skiers leftover from the early snowfall last month. The ski season stoke is pulsing through the veins of many across the valley. I too carry that stoke. Looking upon the terrain that I will once again ravage to my hearts content, gave me that feeling I've felt so many times. That joyous feeling where everything in your life drops away, is left behind you, in that cold smokey crystalline air that swirls and falls to the ground in a silky silence. You move forward, always forward, looking back on occasion to see what trial you have left behind, always behind. Some moments are slow motion, like hitting that soft spot, exploding the snow, to that next moment where everything flies by like the speed of light and you can only imagine how you got to the bottom. These are the moments I crave! Snow is in the forecast!