Event 1 of 3: Slopestyle (Rails)

Dew Tour 2020 finally kicked off with an adapted version of the Team Event Slopestyle. The weather was less than ideal with some fresh snow falling on the course, meaning the slopestyle section of the team comp was cut to just the rails. But luckily, this year's course has an all-time rail section with tons of options, which made for potentially difficult comparative judging but great viewing. Atomic, Faction, and Volkl all fielded stacked squads, the vibes at the top of the course were all time, and both the men and women threw down in the fairly sketchy conditions.

Overall standings after the first event:

3rd Place - Volkl


Nick Goepper


Grace Henderson

2nd Place - Atomic


Fabian Boesch


Megan Oldham

1st Place - Faction


Alex Hall


Giulia Tanno


Event 2 of 3: Modified Superpipe

As the snowfall thickened, the team challenged continued in the modified superpipe. The six riders threw down nonetheless in what were very inclement conditions indeed for pipe skiing with Nico Porteus and Alex Ferreira both throwing dubs out of the pipe to drop-in feature. Speed was certainly an issue, as was visibility, with Antti Ollila coming unstuck on a switch butter 5 attempt on the same feature on both runs. Kelly Sildaru was characteristically clinical, coming out on top on the ladies side of things and keeping Faction in contention going into the third event, after Antti Ollila bobbled on a switch butter 5 in both of his otherwise unique and creative runs.

Overall standings after the second of three events:

3rd Place - Volkl


Alex Ferreira


Grace Henderson

2nd Place - Faction


Antti Ollila


Kelly Sildaru

1st Place - Atomic


Nico Porteous


Sabrina Cakmakli



Event 3 of 3: Streetstyle

The team event rounded out at the base of Copper Mountain with the Streetstyle portion to decide the title. With some tech and style in the field, it was anyone's game heading into the final round. The snow continued unabated, and it was almost pow skiing on the landings. Oystein crushed it on both runs for team Völkl, but it wasn't enough to win the streetstyle, which they needed to take the overall W. Atomic took home the win both in streestyle, courtesy of Lukas Mullhauer and Meghan Oldham, and in the team challenge overall, with strong showings in all three events! It was a pity the weather kept things limited today, as this team event is one of the main highlights of Dew, but the vibes were still all time and a good time was had by all.

Streetstyle Standings:

3rd Place - Faction


Will Berman


Sarah Hoefflin

2nd Place - Volkl


Oystein Braten


Marin Hamill

1st Place - Atomic


Lukas Mullauer


Megan Oldham


Final Standings: