Cam Archer, greased the 40ft Flatbar with ease most of the evening (Photos: Tim Fitzgerald)

Luke Wilson, had his way with both the 40ft street and the stinky kinky rail to earn himself second place. (Photos: Tim Fitzgerald)

The Big Black Kink rail has a reputation for chewing skiers up and spitting them out like a stale 7-11 Corn Dog. This guy might work in the repair shop, but I don't think it's his skis that will need the repairs. (Photos: Tim Fitzgerald)

Mike (High Speed) Shaw worked the rails like a true champ all nite long and pulled off third place. (Photos: Tim Fitzgerald)

I think someone needs to take care of this kid Tanya Harding Style, cause he cannot be stopped. Mr Cam Shuster proves once again to be unbeatable, by winning his third consecutive 1516 Rail Jam. We all look forward to seeing what tricks he will be bringing to the table at the Showdown Throwdown Hoedown in two weeks time @ Silver Star. (Photos: Tim Fitzgerald)

Winter has been hitting Silver Star hard in March and has already delivered over 75 cms of fresh snow in the last two weeks. This means that the park crew has been dreaming up what to do with all the snow just laying around in the park and I think I can sum it up in 3 words... "Big Fu%#*&ing Jumps"  Starting this week the XL lane will undergo a complete rebuild in preparation for the Showdown and if last years performance was any sign of what is to come, I would recommend attending this freestyle spectacle. If you want to get a head start, come to Silver Star early next week cause the Slopestyle course will be fully open for training everyday until the event. Also word on the street is that Silver Star's very own TJ Schiller will be up on the announcing tower to scout out some new talent and determine who will be the 2008 Showdown Champion. See You there!