Well after mother nature granted us with 3 days of Sub 40 Degree days, our local wisconsin hills were abelt fire up their snow guns, and grant us with the earliest local opening they've ever seen. Then this week happened, Monday the tempature jumps up to 60 Degrees and stays constantly there until thursday, one day we hit 72 fucking crazy shit. Then Last afternoon its a rainy 50 degree day, rain was forecasted all night, it was gonna be a pretty shitt weekend, until i walk into a movie theathre to see "borat", and we hear a huge ass lightning storm outside, wondering wtf is happening. It was a pleasure to walk outside and see that mother nature had deleivered winder all of a sudden, in the 90 mins we were in the theatre 2 inches fell, BACK IN THE GAME... so it looks like this weekend will not be ski free afterall... theirs a possiblity of the skiing tommorrow.

Anyone in MKE, up for a sesh one of these days