Hey all! This is the first installment of what I hope will be a fun little blog-like project. The name that I keep coming to is "Ski Scribbles", but I'm not sure how I feel about it. Until a better one comes along that's what it'll have to fly under. I will do my best to keep it lively with tons of photos and hopefully some little videos and edits from my adventures. I'll also keep them short and frequent so you don't have to sit down and read a novel every month. I haven't come up with a schedule for their releases but they will be frequent. I hope you enjoy and I hope there are many more to come.

Setting the stage..

I miss Colorado. I find myself muttering that with more and more frequency. As a Colorado native, rural Minnesota is far from ideal. 20 below zero, no exaggeration, seems to be the average. The air alone is heartlessly frigid but the wind screams with endless fury. Worse off, the landscape is flat and dull. The people here complain about the cold but in a very mundane tone; most of the people I run into know no other way. There are two brief periods in the spring and fall, between the cold and the summer air that's weighed down by humidity and mosquitos, where Minnesota is almost untouchable in its placid beauty. But the deep winters set the landscape for a monotonous existence in the place I affectionately call Pseudo- Siberia.

Sundog on the tundra that is my town. Didn't have a wide angle lens..

As I google the symptoms of cabin fever I look at the weather for the week. My freezer is warmer. I've just turned 20 but I feel 60. When it's this cold, I do not go outside. I'm used to getting up and skiing all day, but here, I wake up around 10:30. I lazily meander through a morning schedule until noon where I decide I should probably do something with my life. Then I end up on Facebook and Newschoolers, confused. I long to ski but the nearest hill is 30 minutes away and not worth the pass. On top of that all of my friends have left. My last remaining ski-buddy embarked to Nepal a couple weeks ago. The existence is grim. Why am I here you ask? That's another story on its own.

I'm not sitting around anymore, what a waste of being. I'm going to get up and grab life by the dick, look it in the eyes and let it know I own it; carpe diem mother f*****.

Jim Whittaker said, "If you're not living life on the edge, you're taking up too much space". Well I am taking of loads of space, folks. I hope you'll follow me on my quest to change that.

Warm weather is in the forecast so some skiin' awaits...