You know him as Quazbotch, the NS member responsible for curing some of our summer boredom. His new game, Ski Flash Game, has taken the forums by storm and helped alleviate some of the summer time blues felt by those that are not ankle deep in Whistler camp fun. I caught up with Adam via email to get his take on his game's popularity, NS member feedback, and what's in store for the future.-RoggeName: AdamAge: 23Occupation: Flash DeveloperWhere did you come up with the concept for the game?At work. Between playing DNA Spin, Line Rider, Freerider, and Edg'sTracks game on a quiet day at the office, I realized if I could make aski game exactly the way I wanted, I would probably enjoy it evenmore.I did a trip to Whistler this year and got my first good taste ofskiing powder, trees, and riding fat skis. My favourite memory is thehour I demoed Hellbents and rode around the Peak and Red chairs. Ithink I was giggling the whole time. Those feelings are what I want totry to reproduce in the game.Is this game a result of summer boredom?Yup! I had a few quiet weeks in the office between projects, so Istarted on this to keep me busy.Did you expect the game to be as popular as it's become?I hoped it would get some attention, but I really expected people toplay it for 5 minutes and never come back to it. My tracking stats areshowing about 10 minutes of play time on average with plenty of returnvisitors.How many people have played it?As of June 22 at 12:35pm EST about 2125 people have played the game6171 times. YAY!How much has the member feedback helped shape the way you've altered the game?They have re-prioritized my to do list. Just like how people skidifferently, people play the game differently, so everyone wantsdifferent features. The ones members have suggested aren't features Iwould have put in this early in development.What sort of feedback have you gotten?People on NS are stoked. People on TGR mostly think it is boring. I'mnot sure what the guys on and the other Europeanwebsites are saying. NS members were mostly suggesting park orientedthings like grabs, butters, flips, rails, and a zoomed in view to seewhat the skier is doing. Now I'm starting to see requests for morepowdery stuff like slashy turns and sluff/avalanches.What kind of changes to the game can we expect in the future?In the short term, some simple level editing and sharing, a steezierskier, and hopefully better performance on slower computers. I'd behappy if I could keep doing a new feature release every week for thesummer. I have tons of ideas to keep me busy in the long term, butwe'll see how it goes.Do you plan on selling the game?It is the NS dream to be sponsored, so I'm thinking of selling productplacement to advertisers. Being able to unlock some real skis byskiing a certain line or stomping a certain trick would be prettysweet. I could use some funding for some features I want to put intoo.