The East Coast is known for its thrills.... mostly in moody weather changes. Dating back to the early 2000's Ski The East / Meathead Films has been hosting custom park shoots, chasing storms, dealing with weather, and overall just getting after repping their roots.

This year we traveled down to Big Boulder, PA for some stunt jumps with our team, and riders coming in from all over the east. The furthest squad, Les Khroniques du Quebec crew, drove 14 hours from Quebec. We cruised to PA around Saint Patty's Day hoping we would find some warm, classic spring vibes like we have in past years. However, mother natured decided to throw a curve ball dumping 2-3 feet of snow up north, and changing the Big Boulder forecasted temperatures from mid 50s to mid 20s. Even with all the weather going on, we were blessed with minor snow on the first day, and dreamy blue bird skies the rest of the week.

Big Boulder park crew did an incredible job hosting us. They hooked it up with a mega house to fit our posse of around 20 people, and we were lucky that it had a mega grill to match. They took us to Pocono Raceway, giving us a private tour of one of Nascar's finest tracks. Oh yea, and they built us an absolute banger park to say the least.

Huge shout out to Big Boulder for the great hospitality, as well as their awesome park crew for being so accommodating and easy to work with. Big ups to Pat Morgan for pulling everything together and making it happen.

Also..... Shout out to Mittsy..... Who Broccoli Bob will have to fill ya in on......

Keep an eye out for next year's web series dropping in the autumn - we'll have episodes ranging from the great Chic Choc Mountains of Quebec to this PA park shoot featuring the Pocono Raceway.

Written by Cam Willis

All Photos by Joc Cadieux

Big Boulder Parks: Pat Morgan

STE Team Rider: Casey Arnold

STE Team Rider: Jacob Belanger

STE Team Rider: Nicky Hartmann

Filmer: Atoine Caron

STE Team Rider: Nicky Hartmann

STE Team Rider: Fred Lavoie (top) x Jacob Belanger (bottom)

Rider: Bennie Osnow

STE Team Rider: Jacob Belanger

Rider: Mike Dejohn

Producer Cam Willis and Filmer Chris Dejohn

STE Team Rider: Fred Lavoie

STE Team Rider: Zach Masi

Rider: Emile Bergeron

Rider: Frank GP

Rider: Emile Bergeron

STE Team Rider: Zach Masi

STE Team Rider: Fred Lavoie

STE Team Rider: Jacob Belanger

STE Team Rider: Zach Masi

Thanks for a great time Big Boulder!

Production Team

Cam Willis

Chris Dejohn

Antoine Caron

Joc Cadieux

Shawn Kalatucka

Park Crew

Pat Morgan

Mike Devitt

Steve Larick

Kurt Barthel

Mike Harleston

Khaaliq Lynch

Eric Boran

Nick Minella

Ari Morrone

Leo Ravina

Jon Plechavy

Steve Chumaca