All quotes from the committee are rough translations.

Every year, creatives from all over Finland gather to present their work at the Peaks Festival in various categories. This year, Matti Räty, who has spearheaded the design for Ski or Die from the beginning, accepted a Silver Award in what he describes as "the most significant creative design competition in Finland".

"The annual competition aims to raise the quality of design, strengthen creativity and originality and to promote designers' expertise. This year the competition was organised for 38th time and never before have they awarded any sport related event designs. Ski or Die was judged as a whole from event concept to visual identity and social media presence. Judges appreciated the originality and Ski or Die's ability to address our core target group with bold and fun way."

Having beaten over 1000 entries in their category, this award is no joke to win. The 11 finalists are selected by a jury that includes the biggest names from the creative business in Finland. Everything from social media, videos, event reach, and more were submitted as part of the contest. So yes, the judges saw all the mutilated baby dolls, stripper shots, & other ridiculous shit that encapsulates the Ski or Die event.

The award committee stated that they were especially fans of the way the Ski or Die design stays true to who their audience is. "The most extreme phenomenon of freestyle skiing in the world is Ski or Die. The identity and content of the event exacerbates the attitude and aesthetics of the 80s and 90s. Ski or Die offers a platform for the lifestyle to the mainstream."