Stalking Skatie Katie's instagram (Kateslynne) while she is in Colombia, we see that 2 wolfsharks have made it to a couple deserving riders.

1st off, Camilo Cespedes, a well known Colombian rider and shredder of the 2011 wolfshark as well.
2nd, Cristian 'El Marra' Montoya, a ripping street skater who made his debut in downhill a couple seasons back and will, for the first time, be riding a board that isn't a homemade, strictly directional and plain sketchy set up; we're hoping to see some good races in his future. Good luck in all for 2012 Camilo and Marra, we hope you put these gifts to good use! 'Stand up slides so fast they feel like a lipslide' -Marra To follow Katie's more personal, in depth look at her journeys and life in general, hit up her blog at