Tenney Mtn, N.H.

October 25th, 2003

The first Siver Session went down this past Saturday, October 25th at Tenney Mtn in New Hampshire. Some may ask; how was Siver and the crew skiing on October 25th on the east coast. We have Tenney Mtn to thank for that. With the help of their “Snow Majic� machine, Tenney is capable of blowing snow in mid summer temps. So with the autumn air blowing through, snow was not a problem. And they had plenty of it.

The set up was sick, a football field’s worth of snow, a 6 foot high double kink, a rainbow rail, a 15 foot long flat bar, some picnic tables and a 30 foot table comprised the east coast’s best, early season park to date.

With word of the Siver session begin boasted on the likes of SiverCartel.com, Newschoolers.com, Siver ads, Axis Magazine, Tenneymtn.com, a guerilla flyer campaign the night before at the New Hampshire Freeze East Coast Movie Tour, boat loads of speculation, Siver was able to draw quite a crowd. 150 riders to be exact. To say the least, we were more than stoked; as were all those who attended.

All in all, the first Siver Session was a success and we invite each and every one of you to attend the rest of the tour. Feel free to bring a friend or twelve and tear it up with the Cartel.

Thanks to our supporting sponsors:

Siver Cartel, Line Skis, Scott USA, Level Gloves, Axis Magazine, Volume video Magazine, Ominous Films and Newschoolers.com.

Our Local Retailers, and of course our Host Resorts: Tenney Mtn, Stratton, Okemo and Sunday River.

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