In preparation for the warehouse opening this coming Saturday (June 11) we decided the back wall by the mini was looking a bit empty. The solution, having our friend TED hook up the wall with his first major mural piece. No better way to test the skills then a 12ft tall wall with no formal scaffolding setup.  Straying away from the classic graph pieces of letters or signature illustrations, TED’s work is all freeform intertwining 3-D shapes, his own custom concept for this project. What does someone like TED do in his free time you ask, creates 3-D characters for video games, duh! Isn’t that what everyone does these days? You have to check out his portfolio, serious digi talent there. Best part is, the second he was done with his 3rd all nighter in a row on the wall he jumped into his car and headed 15hrs straight back to Seattle for the summer, so much credit to him for sticking this one out. Also, I did manage to get a timelapse of the whole project but that will come in a few, until then enjoy the images from a work in process. Thanks TED.







The final. The gap at the bottom is where the baseboard goes.