Vignettes are created by darkening or brightening the edges of a photo.  Oftentimes darkening is the best approach.  It draws the viewer's eye to the action by darkening the distracting elements around the edges of the image.Almost all images can benefit from a quick vignette adjustment.  As with all adjustments remember not to overdo the effect.  Vignettes should be applied at the end of your editing process, typically just before sharpening.  There are several ways to create a vignette, but in this article we are going to teach you the two simplest methods by using lightroom or photoshop.

Create a Lightroom Vignette: With image selected in lightroom, head into the Develop Module by pressing (D) or clicking "Develop" at the top right of the program.Look for the tab on the right labeled "Effects."  You may have to scroll down a bit to find it.Expand the effects tab if it isn't already expanded by clicking on the arrow to the right of the label.Make sure you are working under the "Effects" tab, there is another section for lens vignetting but it has less options and doesn't apply to images that have been cropped correctly.Choose your desired style.  Typically "Highlight Priority" will work the best.Move the amount slider to the left to darken, or the right to brighten.  Darkening often works best and looks less obvious.Adjust the "MidPoint" which is how far into the image the darkening extends to the desired amount based on the image.Adjust the "Roundness" to make the vignette more round by going to the right, or more squared by sliding to the left.Slide the "Feather" adjustment to make the vignette fade into the image softer by sliding it to the right, go left to make it more harsh.Let the "Highlights" show through by sliding the slider to the right, or keep them darkened by keeping it left.  More right generally looks more natural.That's it!  It seems like a lot of options at first but it will only take a few seconds per image when you get the hang of it!Create a PhotoShop Vignette:Open the image in PhotoShop.Click "Filter" in the top menu and choose "Lens Correction"   In versions before CS5 you'll need to choose Filters>>Distortion>>Lens Correction.Choose Custom from the menu tab on the right.  Find the area labeled "Vignette"Drag the amount slider left to darken, and right to brighten the image.Adjust the "MidPoint" slider to control how far the darkness extends into the image.Click "Ok" to apply the adjustment.Simple! Now go back through your images and add vignettes.  Just be sure not to overdo and your images will look much better.  This look will add that extra "professional shine" to your images by helping draw the viewer's eyes to the action, and only takes a few seconds!