Silverton, The Beating, Bars, and so much more!


Hello Everyone!

Last weekend i was blessed to get the opportunity to get some of my work out and into the eyes, of some people who can admire the work i'm doing, and see exactly what visions i have! At such a young age, i feel super accomplished for even getting this movie done! None the less, the trip started by a brief visit by my mother to gunnison to come up and see me as well as travel to see the premiere of my short film Paranoiattack in Silverton Colorado! It was hell of a fun day! And also probably one of the most random and least expecting, yet most eventful days i've ever lived. For those of you close to me, you'll understand how much my mom means to me, and how important it was for me to have her in the seats when my film was playing on the big screen!

But to continue, we left gunnison, colorado around 10 a.m. and started a drive i've never taken before in my young 18 year old life to this point! Driving past blue mesa resevoir the largest body of water in Colorado, i was really starting to realize, i'm no longer a kid, but i'm someone, an adult, and someone with huge dreams, and huge goals. Now mind you i was very distracted by the sites i've never seen, for most of you who have ridden with me would know that i'm a pretty speedy driver! This day i was not only driving the limit but about 10 under. Talking, dreaming, and enjoying more than your own company can take you away from yourself and your own world. It seriously is a 60 minute drive that took me nearly 2 hours, but didnt matter to me at all! I was held over for food thanks to a bagel from my moms continental to this little hunters motel. Pulling into Montrose was almost scary, i've been so out of reality and anything bigger than gunnison for about 7 weeks at this point! And we tried to get a new lisence, which i lost 9 weeks ago, but its nearly impossible to replace one on a normal weekday unless you go to the front range! So then, that ruined those plans and we shot over to Denny's for some realy food! After dining at my schools dining hall it seemed that way anyways! We got served by a silly older woman who was your classic diner lady, big lips, tall hair, and smokers cough, none the less a sweet heart. Eating my Grand Slam, again getting to reminice about my life, decisions, i'm making, and places i will end up in the next month if not less! Not really even thinking about what the trip is actually about. Leaving montrose we visited a Wal*Mart, and OMFG, i havent been to one that big for nearly 4 months or so, almost had a hernia! We picked up the essentials for living the continuous college/ski bum life, deoderant, a can opener and gum......Just enough to get by for 3 more weeks.

Pulling out of montrose, preparing for a trechorous pass and yet more stunning views, my jaw dropped at some of the things i saw, Ouray is deffinately a Gem of the Colorado Rockies, and I would've loved to spend some time in this quaint little town, but my mom and i debated, and decided we may as well go to silverton, figuring more would be happening, and that Red Mtn. Pass is Crazy, it seemed the right way to go. Oh boy, was that pass crazy! As we krept up the pass, i was expecting to at some point pass up fellow comrades, Corey Tibljas, and Jeff Berman, knowing that they had left the day prior to go hit up some of the recently fresh snow! After passing them buy, we pulled into, what i thought may have been a dream, or a playback of the shining! My jaw dropped again, dam the views, but dam do more than 20 people run this town on a daily basis? Regardless, we just pulled up to what we thought may have been where the theater was for the premiere. Yet we were wrong it was a small shin dig bar, that was pretty groovy. With 4 hours to kill, and not much else to do, we decide that playing pool was our only option. Both rusty my mother and i regained our skills in pool, but unfortunately my only loss of the day was being swept in 4 consecutive games of pool by my mother sipping down a Hot Buttered Rum, to my CocaCola! Clearly i thought this would help my odds, but it didnt. This place was so much fun, so much time flew by listening to Jonny Cash, and other country favorites, on maybe one of the funkiest juke boxe's i've ever seen! Deffinately a memory i'll never forget! Much Love mom! After we ran out of quarters, and pounded our beverages, we found out there was ONE humble resteraunt open, called Kendalls! Dam was it good though! There was only one thing on the grill/deep frier that night which was fried chicken, buiscuits, corn, home made mashed potatoes, and a quaint peice of cake for desert! And also talking to one of the employees was rather interesting! Finding out she knew my old Girl Friend from a Lengthy trip to Austrailia and New Zealand back in Jr. Year of High School. Regretabally the only news, was to find she had been paralyzed, in a serious car accident. But besides that, being the only ones that were to visit this small resteraunt that night, it was well worth being stuffed, and having great leftovers for food at work the following day!

After finishing and wrapping up dinner, my mother and myself headed over the theater, really not having anything else to do, since drag racing the SINGLE sheriff in town wasnt a option, with the absence of my lisence! We played cards for a few rounds until everything started to really get going in the festival! The first film started up and i took a sigh of releif, just knowing that this is on, its the jump start! Mine actually came on second, which i was not expecting at all, and sat there the whole time re-singing the words, playing the shots in my head, just hoping everyone would like it. As the show progressed, some sick edits and projects were unveiled such as a short of some 16mm films from japan, and some sick work from such movies as The Moment, Smooth Denali, and some i forgot the names of! At the end, my heart stopped beating at all, all i could hear was the echo, empty of all thoughts, just trying to regain my sanity, the judges had finished deliberating and delivered the justice! Mine being announced for the Most Creative first, got me all sorts of excited! Then waiting for the Big Award a trip out to the 411 Studio in L.A. and get a tour around, then all i here is TWO PLANK, takes it all! I jump up so quick and go up and dont even know how to react, or stop smiling! The rest of the night was filled with pictures, congratulations, meetings of new people, and making new aquaintances! Including Chris Gerrard, and the folks from NossaTV.

Pulling out of silverton was a relief, fueling myself with 10 red bulls it seemed like, and putting my shoes in my window to keep my feet warm, helped us get back to gunnison in a matter of 2 hours, and to be in bed by 2'o'clock. To get up for breakfast, and a good bye to my wonderful mother! Unfortunately i had to bail early, to go to work, but thankfully will be returning home in three days to enjoy the holidays with my close friends and family!

As for my job, and work, i'm on a bubble! I want to look else where, go new places, some issues have been developing. Its going to be hard to leave the people i've grown so strong with the last 19 weeks, and leaving behind a new life i've learned to love, but its time for bigger and better things, and for me to put the fire under my feet up into a super nova! And start doing what i know is right for me, and what i need to do with my life. I can only hope to continue editing and filming for the masses out there! That everyone will love my work, and i can continue to reach the majority of skiers with a positive message. Right now today, i'm looking at trying to get a tour of the 411 studio i won, and a new home, new job, and hold on to my friends, pals, and everyone i've met this past few months! This has been a experience everyone has helped pull me through and thank each and everyone of you! And thank every newschooler, skier, freerider, and film maker like myself that has helped me out, and grow! Its time to start what i know is right! So hopefully you'll all be hearing from me soon!

Here is the Movie that DID IT ALL!


Paranoiattack Video - High Res - Edited by Jeffrey Loewe, Filmed by Jeffrey Loewe and Corey Tibljas, Produced by Jeffrey Loewe and Corey Tibljas.

I know i'm whoring this video out! But basically i want this to be my way that everyone can see what i'm doing and will take every opportunity to get it into peoples faces! So check it, leave some love or hate and what not!