When it snows, it's time to stop skiing the park.

When an epic snowfall blesses us while we sleep, that morning is the day you

get out of bed early, and make sure you're the first on the slopes.

It's been so long since you've experienced that

wonderful floating sensation of powder, you don't care what it takes to be the first one making tracks.

These die-hard locals lined up waiting for the rope to drop.

A statement from Brian Webb at Silver Star Mountain Resort:

Gentlemen: Get Out Your Fat Boards!!

Skiers and snowboarders stand behind Silver Star Mountain Resort's Bergerstrasse

Gate on Sunday, December 5, 2004, ready to tackle BC's best in-bounds 'backcountry'

style powder skiing. Silver Star opened an unprecedented 37 runs all at once

on Sunday, after a 45 centimetre snowfall blanketed the North Okanagan resort

over the weekend. Silver Star currently has an alpine base of over 130 centimetres

(50 inches), with wintry daytime temperatures of about -7 degrees Celsius (20

degrees Farenheit). This is the BEST early-season skiing anywhere in North America

right now!

What a day that would have been.