Just got back from a sick day at the famous indoor ski park od dubai "ski dubai". Feelin pretty stocked i went for a 180 on the kicker first try instead of just doing a straight air first. Felt rly good so I went for a 3 witch i just got the other day. STOMPED IT! I felt like I was ready to spin of the big kicker. Starting of by doing just a straight air to get the feel. I land leaning back and as soon as my skis touch the snow they both just pop off. I eat complete SHIT. Lets just say i wuznt 2 stocked bout the hole 'spinning of the big kicker idea''When I came home from an alright day I finally ordered my LEVEL 1 things. I got a yellow 4xl tall T, Black 3xl long tall t, and a sticker pack. This made my day dopeness.. Ill post some pick when i get my shiiiz.Peace