Saturday Jonas and the Shredows crew gobbed 2 big jumps together to make one colossal jump at the bottom of Dance Floor for the Alpine Meadows stop on Snowbomb?s Toyota Sick N? Freestyle Tour.

The Jump was impressive. And the new venue at the bottom of dancefloor made for great spectating from the Bandwagon and while riding Roundhouse and Summit lifts. Thanks to Snowbomb and the Alpine Meadows Terrain Park crew for another awesome big air competition!

There’s more awesome Shredows action going down tomorrow @ Take The Lake.

The competition was impressive. Here are the results:

Ski Am

1. Carson LeHouillier

2. Austin Simonpeitri

3. Shain Stafford

Ski Open

1. Matt Nelson

2. Jed Krauitz

3. Billy Mann


1. John Hammond

2. Chris Orlandy

3. Blair Esson

SB Open

1. Matt Guntert

2. Chris White

3. Jordan Wells