Shredsauce 2.3.3 is out for Android and iOS. Character customization and Lincoln loops are here! Along with a bunch of other fixes including the annoying rail floating glitch. Here are the full release notes:


• Change your character’s clothing with the gear selector! If you can’t find what you’re looking for, create it using the gear editor.

• You can do lincoln loops / side flips now! Use the slider above the left thumbstick.

• Map creator's name is blue, set at the start

• Info popup showing level name and created by at the start of a game

• Volume control

• Spectating someone causes invisible characters to build and display

• Constant player list refresh in game

• Character building optimized

• Chat send button is bigger

• Notification when someone starts spectating you

• Boosting without poles uses a skate animation instead of pole planting


• Put away the Christmas trees until next winter

• Character is better lit up in grab creator and selector

• Hands are open without poles

• Cleaned up main menu buttons

• Downloaded character textures are cached so that they aren’t re-downloaded

• Fixed quarter pipe colliders so you don’t sink into them

• Cleaned up login. Remember me toggle actually does something now

• Latest version of level is updated if local is an older version


• Bug fixes in the grab editor

• Fixed grab selector bug where no input was detected while swiping

• Fixed bug where character stayed stuck after crashing

• Fixed glitch where sometimes you float after hitting a rail

• Skis and poles don't follow you when you crash anymore

• Fixed bug where character stayed stuck after crashing

• Fixed glitch where rail sound wouldn’t stop

• Fixed bug where player name was appearing as ‘scn’ in grab editor

• New search resets the page back to 1

• Fixed broken custom grabs where the hands weren't lining up correctly

• Fixed bug where character would crash when it wasn’t supposed to

Level in thumbnail: "Diplomatico 12.5" by L147258a369