A few weeks back, I blogged about another snowboard film that was to drop this fall. Argon Film’s “The Incredible Project” trailer looked good, but I was just not sure it would provide that “something extra” that would bring it above the fray of the many mediocre films out there.

Suffice it to say, I got some flack for sounding skeptical, especially since Shred is an actual sponsor! Never having said it actually “sucks”, I’m OK with my question. It’s true, no? There are so many films out there now, it’s going to take a little something special for it to be the cream that rises to the top!

I haven’t seen the Incredible Project section yet (only the trailer), but I have seen some more teasers for the other parts to Argon Films’ “Euphoria” videos. Here’s the general Euphoria trailer that Shred’s helped sponsor and that features newest shredder Florian Heim. By the look of it, the camera work is top notch. They really went for some amazing aerial and crane shots that impress. The editing looks way better than average too.

Check out the trailer here and see for yourself…

You can download the entire film here: