This past Friday marked the opening day of the Peak Chair on Whistler. With 30cms of fresh and blue sky up top it was a pretty banger day. I went up with Sean and Bibby and met up with Kye and Bushy. We had a wicked crew and shredded all day. Captured it on the contour but ran into some problems with the setting I had it set to and then some ice build up on my lens. So, some of the shots I hope were going to be in here, aren’t. But it’s all good, more to come. Saturday I went up Brandywine with Bibby and we had a sweet day sledding. Super sunny, sled was running strong. A couple more good storms and I’ll be out there getting after it and starting to get some shots. Looking forward to that. Storm starting tuesday. You can get a sneak peak at the new Armada gear in the video too… Keep an eye out for that. Full site: