Ambassador and Shred lifestyle creator Matthieu Perez is living the life… mountains by winter, ocean by summer. Here’s another report from the man on recent globe-trotting journeys… just look at those waves! Yummmm….

Hi all,

Time to get in touch.

Rainy Austria gives me more time at home. Perfect opportunity to tell you more about my last trip in south europe.

Portugal treated me well again last may. Lucky bastard i am, 5 to 8 feet swell was licking the Algarve coast for almost 10 days. I had a blast down there, trying a new craft, thanks Heiko, and surfing head high minimum every single day.

Algarve was spring green after a period of bad weather. The usual desert dust background was just flowers, happy trees and green fields. Nature was at his best and I took all kind of energies out of it.

Big up to my man, Sten, who hosted us during our journey. Always good vibes with my Bro’, endless evenings cooking curries and chill in the garden. Actually, we spent our time gardening and building a descent home for the chicks! Since then, Im a chicken owner down south portugal!! Proud farmer.

Looking forward to my next trip down south.

A few pics enclosed.

Un abrazo