Last year saw an explosion of web series into the ski community. With this sudden influx of content came a new challenge for the athletes and creatives involved. It is no longer enough to throw some skiing together every week. To stand out requires a creative, unique vision expressed consistently throughout the series. Kolby Ward may be new to the webisode game but his series, Ward's World is poised to carve out its territory. I'm not sure if there is a recipe for creative and unique ski content but if there is, Colby James West is definitely a key ingredient, throw in another Kolby, a dog named Kolby and some wigs and it's hard not to come out with something worthwhile. Episode 2 dropped this morning and features footage from everyone's favorite deep pow destination, Japan.

I sat down with Kolby (at least I assume we were both sitting down since we conducted this over email) to get his perspective:

What is Ward's World in five words?

Awkward comedy alongside my skiing

If you had to go a little more in depth, what is the project all about?

The project is trying to bridge the gap between the general public and our tight knit skiing community. There have been plenty of amazing web series that display an insane amount of talent, but the public cannot tell the difference between a 360 and a dub 12. I have created Ward's World in an attempt to connect with the general public and showcase our sport on the same platform.

It seems like there is a shift going on throughout the industry towards these short episode based projects, any thoughts on that? How does Ward's World tie into that?

You're right. There is a shift and I think that Tom (Wallisch) paved the way. Tom is proof that you can reach the top by making edits, along with his other amazing accomplishments. Although, this is not why I created Ward's World. I simply wanted to try something new and reach a different audience.

You're working with a lot of Telluridians (spelling? whatever you call people from Telluride) How has this area and these people shaped you as a skier and this project?

(laughs) I think you got it right. Telluride is an awesome little town that my dad happened to stumble upon in the early 70's. I feel very fortunate to have grown up with the ski area in my back yard. Working with Tucker Brumley has been amazing because we both love the sport and have different aspects to bring to the table that create a sweet combo. I was also fortunate enough to travel with Jake and Charlie Cohn and George Knowles to Japan, which is what you will see in this episode. All four of those guys share the same love for the mountains that we grew up with in Telluride.

Kolby Popping Pow in Japan

Credit: Andrew Strain

Any highlights from filming for the series so far?

Japan was definitely a highlight. I had never been there before and traveling there with childhood friends made it even better. You'll have to check out the newest episode to see why...

Any teasers/hints on what's to come in future episodes?

One of the upcoming episodes will be focused on the backcountry around Telluride, and one will be completely urban... if we can get any snow...

How does school/graduation etc. tie into your plans as a skier and for this web series?

Juggling school has been hard at times, but I am happy to say that I will be graduating in May! I'm excited to finally be done.

Any personal/project goals for this season?

Continue having as much fun as possible.

Any shoutouts, thank you's and other general gratitude?

My agent, Briar Schreiber, has been amazing with the entire process by helping me turn my idea into reality. Topher Plimpton with Scott Sports has also been awesome by supporting me on this new adventure. Also, without Tucker's enthusiasm and creative mindset this project would not be the same. I want to say thank you to all of them.

Episode 1 of Ward's World dropped earlier this year and contains enough wigs and "party on" references to live up to its namesake: on!