Shred Fest Press Release

Where: Ruby Hill Park, Levitt Pavilion (New Amphitheater), Denver, CO

When: October 6th, 2018

Who: Anyone and everyone!

What? SHRED FEST is the biggest winter kickoff event in Utah and soon to be Colorado’s! Denver Shred Fest features a ski and snowboard rail jam*, professional lumberjack competition, concert, sponsor village, beer fest, fundraiser, marching band, food trucks, good vibes and more! The event is all ages, all-inclusive, and exists to spread a positive movement of inspiration and community action in our local outdoor and action sports collective!


Shred Fest began as a “Pray for Snow” Rail Jam in Missoula, Montana. A couple of college kids, inspired by the works of the Z-Boys from Lords of Dogtown, had a vision to close a growing gap they saw between the ski, snowboard, and skateboard industries. In pursuit of fusing the trifecta into a one-day festival event, the boys risked all their savings into an investment that would prove its longevity for years to come. Flash forward three years from their first event and Shred Fest Productions is created and continues to spread to cities across the U.S.

For general information, partnership inquiries, and volunteer opportunities, please reach out to


Last years recap below: