Here they are, after some two months, the best entries have been judged and we are stoked to announce the winners. The Show Us Your Urban Jibs Contest was a contest we ran in conjunction with to get some involvement from our future player base. The idea behind it was simple, show us your ideal urban set up, whether it be a photo or a 3D scene, and the best would be chosen to be put into the official maps of the game with the winners name graffiti to them. We were extremely impressed by almost all of the entries and where even more stoked that the contest saw just under 15,000 visits from people. So without further adieu, here are the winnersBest Set Up (Photo):One of the very first entries, but by far the strongest out of the entire competition. Submitted by Soup, this simple scene features a concrete ledge, a decent down rail, and a wall ride (hidden by the angle of the photo). It also has a mini stair set above it, which combined with the main features, make this a spot that could be sessioned for hours with endless combinations.

Best Rail (Photo):The next winner submitted a photo of what has to be the most epic s-rail we have ever seen in our lives. It will be our pleasure to get this feature into the game as it will provide endless fun. We might just have to make a trip out to session it in one of the coming winters. Not only is it mellow, but it is built into it's surroundings so nicely, making for a really incredible scene. Congrats to DanArmbuster for submitting this beauty.
Best Environment/Scene (Photo):Jacuse you must have found our stash of reference images, in one post you managed to submit some of our personal favorites, all photos which have already been put into the game world. We where stoked to see them posted up and we def think you deserve a shirt for posting them all. Every one of these scenes has such epic potential for sessioning and we can't wait for the nuttiness that will ensure on each once the game is ready. Good finds man.
This one should look familiar, it was the basis for the sample scene we posted up in the media section. We used this scene to test textures and light sources, the end result was simply stunning.
Now we get into the non photo submissions. Before posting the winners we'd like to honor all those who put in their time designing their dream urban scene. If you didn't win, it has nothing to do with your scene being anything less then epic, it just means that it didn't have a good fit for the game.Best Scene (Sketch/Other): We have two winners for this category, the first being Andrew Cinch. This kid has been so stoked about the game since it was announced (maybe too much at times) and we where impressed to see all of his entries, but one in particular really caught our eye. An extremely simple scene with a marble ledge, and it's not so much the feature that is worthy of mention, but the composition of the scene itself. Unintentionally he created a scene that deals with one of the harder things to tackle in level design. Filling in the off spaces of a map. This scene will make it so that we have one less “off space” to deal with. Expect to see this sucker hidden in the city somewhere, a wonderful surprise for anyone who should happen upon it.
And last but not least, Saucy. We just can't leave you hanging man, your urban cluster f*ck was just to incredible to not be worthy of one of the tall t's. Everyone here dropped their jaws when they saw it, and while it might not be right for the game per say, it is definitely something we would all session at the drop of a hat.
Thanks to the winners, and thanks to everyone who entered. We will be turning around and hosting a new contest wicked soon so keep your eyes on the site. Also look out for some awesome interviews coming up.Posted on 30 Jun 2009