We know all of you invest in some serious camera equipment, and we definitely know that you put it to good use. Every shot looks so good with Mt. Hood in the background, it’s hard not to film the entire time you are at camp. So…what are you waiting for, send us your footage! If you filmed a summer edit while you were here at camp, we want to see it. Send us a link to your video for a chance to be featured on our website! It’s time to make that video viral. So get off Newschoolers, stop texting, put down Modern Warfare 3, and show us your summer edits!

In the meantime, here is a fantastic example of a summer edit from a wonderfully hardworking gentlemen by the name of Matt Gonzales. When he wasn’t busy building your park, he was riding it. Take a look…

Send a YouTube or Vimeo link of your summer edit to marsha@windells.com.

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