Technology is

racing at an ever growing pace these days; even with a blink of an eye you can

miss a whole generation of technology.

Photography is no different, with the

amount of mega pixels a company can put into its cameras increasing every year,technology is

having a huge factor on the way we interpret photography. One

such technology has become the centre of much debate, with reality


against it. Photoshop is thought by many people, to be destroying the art of

photography. However I believe Photoshop is having a

positive affect of the

photography world, in that it is not some new mysterious way of doing new

things, that thereis so much possibility to

come from it and that if anything,

Photoshop allows photographer to perfect there image to their imagination’s


   Firstly, many people are under the misconception

that Photoshop is getting rid of the original ways of doing photography. But

really the

same techniques are in use today more than ever. Techniques used in

Photoshop such as dodging, burning, solarization, the use of filters

and many

more techniques were not just created out of thin air. They were first

perfected in the dark room many years ago. This goes to

show that a large

portion of Photoshop techniques that we use every day, come from actual

darkroom techniques, just without the

chemicals and with the ability to undo.


Secondly, rather

than to constrict someone’s imagination with just the use of a camera and a

lens, Photoshop has allowed users

to broaden the spectrum of their mind and

think outside the box. With endless possibilities one can create a whole

different meaning to the

moment with a few clicks. This has opened many doors

for photography to explore. With software that can basically paint an image


your imagination, Photoshop brings new meaning to the phrase “capturing

the moment.”

   People may think

that altering an image goes against reality, but Photoshop allows for more

perfection. When a photographer is

looking through the lens of the camera, the

shutter button triggers the moment to be captured. However there has yet to be

a camera that

can perfectly capture the perspective of the photographer. So

Photoshop is actually a step forward towards perfecting the exact

perspective a

photographer sees.


conclusion, a lot of the negative comments Photoshop gets because of its

supposed destruction of reality in photography is the

misconception towards it

bringing in a false reality. Simple put Photoshop is just another way for

photographers to capture the moment

they saw when they clicked the trigger

button. It gives the ability to photographers to do exactly what they did in

the dark room, but at a

much quicker rate. With the digital age already upon us

the question is how long will photography without digital manipulation last?

Want to prove me wrong, comment below, and to your heart's desire