This is the proper way to ship a package!:

This is the INCORRECT way to ship a package (to the USA):

Yes thats correct folks, I arrived at my house after a long day in the salt mines, to a Manila little note thing hanging on my front door, it told me to come to the Post Office that after noon, there was a package from "NS M CANADA" waiting for me, not at my local office though, the Regional Branch in Milwaukee, So I decided to Venture down there to pick up whatever was waiting for me. Little Did I know the Postmaster was waiting for ME!

I roll up into the post office, present my little slip, and get escorted into this horrible smelling room, and I'm told to wait in there (picture when Kramer gets Interrogated by the Postmaster General), after a few minutes of waiting and listening to the sorting machine, the Reiginal Postmaster comes into the room, Sits down, and starts to talk to me.

Do you have any foes, enemies, or negative aquantices in Montreal, Quebec?

Do you know / are fimiliar with NS Management?

Is there anything to be considered Dangerous in this Package?

NO YES NO, i responded, and had to explain to them who NS Management was, why they were sending me a package etc. I explained to them Doug Bishop, a fellow internet radio host, and I had a bet going on who would get the best ratings, everything cleared with them, then they searched the package with me, Nothing Suspicious, PHEW!, I was good to go, then came the paperwork, I had to sign all this stuff saying NS was legit, blah blah no danger, All good, no harm done.

So kids, if your sending something across borders, don't write sketchy stuff on the package.

PS, thanks for Sending me my Swag Doug!