I worked it out and lowered our shipping costs! These are down from previously: $5 per 1, $7.50 per 2, and $10.00 per 3. I have also gotten it so we could open up for International Shipments going to Canada! See below for a table of the new Shipping Rates.Shipping RatesUSA: approx. 3-5 Day Delivery$5.00 - 1 to 3 items$10.00 - 4 or more ItemsCAN: approx. 5-10 Day Delivery$10.00 - 1 to 3 Items$15.00 - 4 or more ItemsSo with that, I hope you've been on the site recently and have seen that our Web Store is up and running. And if not, go check it out and pick up some wax to keep you riding smoothly & consciously throughout the season!Keep Current,Wes JonesOceanhttp://www.oceansupplyco.com/Ocean/Wax.html