Interview & photos by Jeff Schmuck

So first off, how about we start this thing off by explaining to everyone out there why you are now known as Shane, not Sean.

Shane started about five years ago at the US Open when Chris Booth mistakenly called me that. And then it kind of spread over the years and now it has stuck with me, and every single person I know now seems to call me Shane. So I will respond to Shane if you address me as that, unless I don't know you, because then it would be weird. (laughs)

(laughs) So Shane, this was your first summer as a coach up at Camp of Champions. How'd that feel?

It felt pretty good. My face is as red as red gets right now though.

Yeah you look like you've got a pretty bad sunburn right now.

Sooo bad.

How'd that happen?

I dunno. I guess I just partied with my face. (laughs)

And on top of that you unfortunately missed the first week of coaching this year because you had strep throat right?

Yeah I got strep throat. Don't know how. Never had it. It just kind of popped up in my mouth. So I unfortnately had to ditch out on the first session. I apologize to those who wanted to see my beautiful face but couldn't (laughs). But I've been coaching every session since then, so I'm stoked, everyone is having a great time, and it's been sunny almost every single day. I've got my shirt off right now. So yeah, we're partying.

How were your kids this year?

I've had some awesome kids. I was teaching some of them how to do rails, which was funny to me, because before this summer I hadn't done a rail in a year and a half surprisingly.

You're a backcountry man now.


photo: Blake Jorgensen/Red Bull photo files

How was your winter?

It was awesome. I got to go to Alaska this winter, which was amazing.

First time?

Yep, first time. Best trip of my life so far, that’s for sure. And then I was stuck in BC for a while, and there was nothing wrong with that. So I got some good pow days in, and you can see that and all the rest in MSP's movie. So make sure you check it out. I'm real stoked for it, especially after seeing the trailer.

photos: Blake Jorgensen/Red Bull photo files

Yeah and speaking of the trailer, we can now confirm to everyone out there who's wondering that the ridiculous rodeo 7 at the end of the trailer is you. How big was that?

Yep, it's me. Not sure how many feet that was, but I'll say that it was the farthest I've ever dropped in my life on a pair of skis. I was definitely in the air for a while.

Do you plan to go that big? What was the story behind that day?

I definitely did not (laughs). That jump is called Brain Damage, because it messes with your brain. And since I am such a brain scientist, I figured I'd go for it. It's super hard to judge the speed for it, because it's always windy there since it's on the top of a ridge. So it feels like you're going too fast for a second, and then it can feel like you're going too slow. So it's pretty deceiving. Chris Benchetler broke his collarbone on it because he went too slow, and I knew that, or least I thought that…so I went too fast.

Did anyone else hit it with you?

Nope. Treadway wanted to hit it on his sled, and he was actually going to, but we talked him out of it because I don't know if that's even possible. But I guess if there's anyone who could do it, it would be Treadway, because he's just the man.

Do you want to tell everyone out there if you landed it, or should they just wait for the movie?

See the movie.

photos: Blake Jorgensen/Red Bull photo files

So you're still pretty young at 17, but you've been around and in the spotlight since you were 11. Because of that, it's easy to assume that there's a lot of kids out there who look up to you a great deal for how you've made your career at such a young age. What advice would you give to them?

Stick to it. Don't ever get caught up in the scene and think you're hot shit. Just ski for fun because it's not really a serious sport, it's just a fun one. So keep having fun, because that's really the best you thing can do, and if you focus on that, good things will come to you.