Seven Springs is a mountain in western Pennsylvania that has been making waves in the snowboard world over the past few years. Under the direction Of Joel Rerko, along with the dedication of a talented park crew, Springs has become the number 1 resort for park on the East Coast and a must-go for many pro riders. The Forum Snowboards team has held photo and video shoots there, much of which can be seen in their recent team videos. It’s not often an East Coast mountain gets this much love and Seven Springs definitely deserves it!

We love Seven Springs, too, because a ton of our awesome Windells family call the resort home. Head Counselor Jamison rides there, and former (and fantastic) staff members still hang out/work/shred there (Jeremy, Keri, Jordan, Chuck, Chris, AJ…the list goes on). It’s a pretty rad resort–did you see Forum’s The Streets set up they built this year?! Team Take Over Riders Cam Pierce, Stevie Bell, Nic Sauve, Austen Sweetin, and Niko Cioffi all traveled to Springs in January to hit the humungous street set up.

With all the love we have for this resort and the folks that ride it, we couldn’t have been more stoked when the teaser for Seven Spring’s 2012 season movie, “Evaporate” was released. Check out the trailer above. We can’t wait to watch it!