Babe Ruth to the Yankees, Gretzky to the Kings, Wallisch to Line, and now Morrison to Tupperware. Amidst turmoil at Rubermaid, the owner of K2 skis, the ski legend has emerged with a new sponsor, plastics giant and rival Tupperware brands. “The mainstream ski media had it all wrong,” Morrison told the Radical Radish, “K2 didn’t drop me, I dropped them.” The forty-two year old skier said that K2 was becoming “dead weight” for him, and that he needed to reorganize his sponsor portfolio in order to improve his bottom line.

The media jumped quickly to paint Seth’s departure as the beginning of the end for K2 as uncertainties in their corporate parents have created many questions about the future. An anonymous source from the ski company wished Seth well, but cautioned that his contract may have disallowed such moves, Rubbermaid and Tupperware are staunch competitors in the plastic storage box sector. “Just look how it’s going for Bode,” he cautioned.

After many years with K2, Seth’s new journey into ski mountaineering in Europe left him searching for new sponsors that shared his vision. He is optimistic and spoke to his belief in the products, “I can truly say that they make the best product out there. There is no better way to bring your leftovers into the backcountry.” Morrison also mentioned the benefits of Tupperware’s corporate stature, which will allow him to divest from unrelated sponsors and find new efficiency and synergy in his business dealings. While K2 has had several corporate owners over the years, this will be Morrison’s first foray with big business. When told this explanation, the K2 employee responded with a laugh, saying “I remember when we thought that was a good idea…”

Morrison is excited for this upcoming season, stating that he’s emerging from this deal “a lighter and more efficient skier,” that will better be able to create a personal brand and drive sales, and soul turns in line with Tupperware’s continued mission to penetrate the Vail resorts demographic.