originally on Powder.com

Being #1 6 of the 9 Powder Magazine Reader’s Poll’s (he was #2 three times) shows Seth’s consistent ability to be the best skier in the world (on the best boots of course). Check out the words and phone conversation from K2 Skis pro Pep Fujas.


He really lets his actions speak more than his words. He’s not going out and claiming he’s going to do something. He just goes and does it without really knowing what he’s going to do. When we were in Norway a few years back, he would pick out the biggest diving board on each face, and it was really easy for him to pick the lines because he knew we weren’t going to pick them. He was going to send it off the biggest diving board possible and most likely throw a back or front flip.

I really enjoy his aggressive turns that are really fluid. He really gets into those turns. The most I take from him is the way he lays into his skis. He has full control of every part of his ski and friggin’ rips into them.