Windells' own Everest with a trick that will probably be in the session video...

The Diggers put in tons of work to bring this session’s dream feature to life. A eurogap, polejam, barrier bonk, stairset, and a quarter pipe all rolled into one. Just wait for the video to come out, some hammers were dropped on this thing, on both the ski and snowboard end of things. The sun was out, good vibes were going around, and everybody was stepping up their game…

Sammy Carlson going huge in the pipe
Dylan Bidez with a solid Del Mar in the pipe

The sun took a bit of a retreat in the afternoon, but it didn’t stop everybody from getting after it. The pipe seemed to be the spot to post up and get a photo, because the session was heated. Homies Sammy and Dylan gettin after it.

That is a big ol' ollie

Session Two of Windells Skateboard camp is also poppin off. Danny Kass and the Grenade crew is in town. You’ll see these homies around campus, and on the hill.

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