Session 6 at Windells went off, with nothing but straight sunshine and bangers. It was the Surface and Skullcandy week, which brought a long list of riders to the park. All of the Surface team was here throwing down, including Blake Nyman, Hayden Price, Rob Heule, Banks Gilberti, Ian Wade, Alex Gorham and Windells Coaches John Ware, Jeff Kiesel, and Jason Arens.

Surface was keeping kids stoked on the hill and off, with events like ?The Foam Pit of Despair?, where to find a buried hat in the foam pit for a new pair of Surface skis. Another event that campers were pumped on was the tie dying session. Campers were able to customize their own Surface and Skull Candy colab t-shits.

There also was visiting pros like Matt Walker, Keri Herman, Sammy Carlson, Sean Jordan, and Gus Keworthy lapping the park all session long. They were turning heads in the park, showing that taking laps in the summer doesn?t mean holding back.

If there is red locks in the wind, that means Tudor is in town.

McRae Williams getting down on the big one grabbing blunt.

Keep an eye out for Gorum and look at those skis close?

Some of the Phil Park team working together with that GoPro.

Hornbeck has one of the best blind two?s in the game.

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