As many of you know, i was just in boston skiing with my old friends, Firday looked like it was gonna be pretty lame, we were just cihlling out not doing much until it hit us let's visit our favourite ski shop in in the whole wide world! Summit Ski Shop, we went there hung out talked trash and purchased some skis and overpirced gum balls. (if you want to buy Quick! in person buy it at Summit framingham) (also they have Skullcandy Headphones and gear... hard to find but they got it) anyways back to the story... back at Casa Del Casey after watching all the ski movies in my catalogue we decided to shoot over a call back to Teddy @ Summit requesting use of his truck for some snow, after some persuasion we hooked him into the idea. Picked up about ... i dont even know how much snow we headed back to brads and setup his backyard rails with some snow, and had a legit session.

note the holes, and sharpie scribbles in these legit skis!

cool colors


so happy for snow

Special Thanks to Teddy at Summit for all his help this weekend!